Black Shadow - re-release of 2 albums

In December 2013 More Hate Productions
will release new album of Black Shadow
"The Last Step of Rebirth"

Album contains 6 new songs and 2 bonus-tracks
(two re-recorded songs from debut album "Doomsday")

New album's cover artwork made by artist and tattoo master Maya

Black Shadow - The Last Step of Rebirth

On 30 April 2013, More Hate Productions will re-release
6th album of Black Shadow - "War - Ever-burning Flame of Abyss!"
This album was recorded in June 2008 at SoundHellStudio.

Black Shadow -  -   !

Releases of Black Shadow are available through More Hate Productions:

Black Shadow is recording new album "The Last Step of Rebirth" at SoundHellStudio.
Album will contain 6 new compositions and 2 bonus re-recorded tracks from debut album - "Doomsday".
Release of this album planned in winter of 2013.

Black Shadow


Black Shadow - Through Black Flame of Moloch

On 25 March 2012 More Hate Productions
will release new album of Black Shadow
"Through Black Flame of Moloch"

Album contains 7 new songs and in lyrical content supplements
previous album - "Awakening of the Black Dragon".

Track "The Sword of Asmodeus" from new album is available for free download at Media section of this site.

You can order releases of Black Shadow at official site of More Hate Productions:

S.B.M. Records stopped to exist in November 2011. In this connection the band resumed cooperation with More Hate Productions.

On January 15 More Hate Productions will release reissue of Black Shadow album "Awakening of the Black Dragon"


The band started recording new album, scheduled to release in January 2012.
Album will contain 7 new songs and in lyrical content will supplement
previous album - "Awakening of the Black Dragon".


Black Shadow -  ׸

On 25 May at S.B.M. Records will release
new album of Black Shadow
"Awakening of the Black Dragon"

Album was recorded at SoundHellStudio.
In recording participated:
Lord Demogorgon - vocals, guitars, bass and keys;
Asmodeus - guitars.

New album contains 11 new songs, composed by Lord Demogorgon:
01 - Power of the Blind Dragon
02 - Transformation
03 - The Blood of Kingu
04 - Invincible Onslaught of Darkness
05 - Awakening of the Black Dragon
06 - Tree of Life shall be Dissolved
07 - Eternal Night
08 - Death is Only Way Out
09 - Lord of Thagirion Realm
10 - Lucifer's Light
11 - This World is Not For Me

Alefpeneash is no more a member of Black Shadow, session guitarist will replace him.
At the moment Lord Demogorgon and Asmodeus working on new album,
which will be released in may of 2011. More details will be published at official site of the band.

S.B.M. Records re-released
(remastered and with new booklet)
last album of Black Shadow
War - Ever-burning Flame of Abyss!

War - Ever-burning Flame of Abyss!